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Peter has worked in business for over 30 years as a management accountant for successful companies operating in the private sector. 

In addition to financial budgeting and reporting, he has managed corporate credit facilities as well as cash budgeting and reporting. This has provided him with valuable insight into the importance of proper cash management practices within a business, and the problems that can develop without them. 

Peter has a strong background in cash management,  and providing owner-managers with the information they require to make the best financial decisions for their business. Peter is now seeking new accounting and consulting clients . If you are starting or growing your business and would like to discuss how Point North can help you succeed, Peter would love to meet with you anywhere in the Halifax area! 

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More about Point North


Providing services to over a dozen successful companies, Point North Business Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 2005 to allow Peter (CPA, CMA) and his wife Marilyn (Office Administration, AP & AR) to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to multiple clients from both their home office and also from within the clients' office. 

Now, after years of dedicated full-time service to employers and clients as a management accountant, Peter is reaching out to build new relationships as an Accountant, CFO For Hire, and Business Consultant for the Halifax and area small business community.

Why your business should use a CFO for Hire

Increase your bottom line by keeping HR costs low.

Your firm does not require a full time CFO, and by using a CFO for hire you pay only for the services you require, as required.

Focus on your business, not accounting for your business.

A CFO for hire can organize your books and accounting systems efficiently, and provide training and guidance to minimize time spent by you and your staff recording financial transactions.

Develop improved performance reporting. "Budget vs. Actual"

  A CFO for hire will work with you to develop realistic working budgets and accurate monthly financials that will provide necessary feedback on business performance.

Improve cash management.

Sometimes unforeseen events can create large negative impacts on cash flow, drain your working capital and max out your credit. More often, a "cash crunch" is a predictable event and effects can be minimized with planning and foresight. A CFO for hire will create a cash  forecast that will identify potential problems and allow time to react.

Reduce cost of capital.

 A CFO for hire will examine your sources of credit and may suggest ways to restructure debt and lower finance costs. They will often accompany you during lender negotiations, which usually proceed more effectively when you are able to provide lenders with a well written business plan prepared by an experienced financial person.

Improve business decisions.

A CFO for hire will bring his knowledge and experience into your business, which will become another resource for you to draw on as you grow.  

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